Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church



4958 Ribble Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46218

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About us

Service Times & Address 

9:30 am on the first Sunday of each month

8:00 & 10:30 am on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays

Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer 11:30 am & 6:30 pm

4958 Ribble Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46218

Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church has been making a difference in the city of Indianapolis for 100 years! This is the church where we are "Saved to Serve and Share the Joy of Jesus!"  We are committed to preaching God's word, loving God's people, proclaiming God's name, and rejoicing in His sovereignty.    


Led by Dr. Darryl K. Webster we are committed to the great commission found in Matthew 28:18-20 which states "And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”





Peoples Baptist Church was organized in 1919, located in a building at the corner of Yandes and Roosevelt Streets.  The late Rev. William Moore was the Pastor.  This Church was later disbanded.


In 1919, this same group of people reorganized  and renamed the Church Emmanuel Baptist Church.  The late Rev. William Martin was founder and first Pastor.


The following people were the Charter Members (all are deceased):


Nettie Carter, Rev. William Carter, Lula Lindsay, Jenny Martin, Rev. William Martin, Lula Peoples, Mary Jane Taylor, Daniel Whitely and Lillian Whitely.


The members originally assembled themselves in the home of the late Rev. and Sis. Carter, at 1313 Massachusetts Avenue.  But the membership grew rapidly and soon the Carter’s home was too small.  The church then relocated to a building at 1419 Roosevelt Avenue.


In 1921, the members of Emmanuel purchased a building from the Health Memorial Methodist Church at 1425 N. Arsenal Ave.  In 1922, the members moved into this building, marching from the Roosevelt site.  This location was Emmanuel’s home for the next 49 years.


The following have been Pastors at Emmanuel:


Rev. William Martin (Founder)                                                1919-1929

Rev. Albert Batts                                                                     1929-1938

Rev. Saunders (Acting Pastor)                                                1938-1938

Rev. A. Strong (Acting Pastor)                                                1938-1940

Rev. Frank Roy Hatcher                                                          1940-1980

Rev. Roosevelt Washington (Assistant)                                  1972-1980

Rev. J. Curtis Davis                                                                1980-1994

Rev. Darryl K. Webster                                                            1996-Present                                                                

 Emmanuel has had one Assistant Pastor, Rev. Roosevelt Washington.  He served as Associate Minister from 1959 until the Church elected him as Assistant Pastor in 1972.  He served in this capacity until his death on March 26, 1980.  In 1968 Emmanuel was notified by the Indiana State Highway Department that they would be required to relocate due to a proposed plan of a highway extension project.


On April 8, 1968, the Church met in its Official church Meeting to discuss the only two options available; 1.  Build a new church , or 2.  Purchase a church already built.  After some discussion, the church body accepted the challenge to build.  A Building Fund Committee was established.


Groundbreaking ceremonies took place on May 19, 1969, with Rev. Dr. F. Benjamin Davis, Pastor of New Bethel Baptist Church as guest Minister.


On April 5, 1970 we entered into the new Sanctuary, rejoicing and singing, “LOOK WHERE THE LORD HAS BROUGHT US.”   The first sermon preached by Rev. Hatcher was, “THE UNFINISHED TASK.”


Through the grace of God, the Sanctuary and its contents were paid in full within 6 ½  years.  We celebrated our Mortgage Burning on Sunday, June 26, 1977.


This first four months of 1980 proved to be rather difficult for the members of Emmanuel, for on March 26, 1980 we lost our Assistant Pastor, Rev. Roosevelt Washington, and 17 days later on April 12, 1980, we suffered the loss of our beloved Pastor, Rev. F. Roy Hatcher.


At our next Official Church Meeting on April 11, 1980, a Pulpit Committee was formed and on Sunday, July 20, 1980, the Church members voted that Rev. J. Curtis Davis, Associate Minister of Greater Gethsemane Baptist Church would become the Pastor of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.  On Sunday, July 27, 1980, Rev. J. Curtis Davis preached his first sermon as Pastor.


Prior to Rev. Hatcher’s and Rev. Washington deaths, Emmanuel had been in the process of purchasing the land west of the Church.  Under the leadership of the late Rev. Davis the transaction was completed.  Also, Emmanuel purchased the land to the east of the church.


Under Rev. Davis Pastorate, Bible Study Class and an Orientation Class for new converts was established.  The Brotherhood/Male Chorus had been reactivated, the Amanda Circle Missionary was formed  an extension of the already functioning Senior Women Missionary Society, a Junior Women Auxiliary was formed and the Mission Outreach Program, a city-wide Evangelistic appeal for winning souls to Christ was implemented.


Other projects that we have undertaken and have completed are:  the purchasing of a new Church Bus, and a new piano.


On August 19, 1985 a call meeting was called to discuss the expansion of the Church Building and what will be done.  Pastor Davis asked if the Church wanted to go forward on the project or put the project on hold.  A motion was offered by Bro. Harold Oliver (now deceased) and seconded by Deacon Grover Smith (deceased) that we go forward on the expansion of the Church.  The church members voted that we expand our building.


Construction began on the expansion of the Church on October 1985, with plans to be completed by May 1986.  The Lord has truly been with Emmanuel for the new addition of classrooms and the expansion of the Sanctuary was completed one month earlier than planned.


On October 12, 1994 we suffered the loss of our beloved Pastor, Rev. J. Curtis Davis.  Under the leadership of the late Rev. Davis, Emmanuel became actively involved in the Capitol City Fellowship Missionary Baptist Association and in the State Convention.  Rev. Davis was the Moderator for ten years from 1984-1994 for the Capitol City Fellowship Missionary Baptist Association.  He also held Offices in the State Convention, as well as other members of Emmanuel.


On Friday, September 1, 1995 a Pulpit Committee was formed.  The committee consisted of nine Emmanuel members.  On Friday, February 9, 1996 it was unanimously voted that Rev. Darryl K. Webster an Associate Minister of New Light Baptist Church, would become the Pastor of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.


Rev. Darryl K. Webster was installed as Pastor on Sunday, March 31, 1996 and preached his first sermon as Pastor on Sunday, April 7, 1996.


Under Pastor Webster the membership began to grow rapidly!  Many new ministries such as the Men’s Fellowship, Youth Bible Study, tutoring, teachers training class, PACE, Sharpening Your Tools, and the Emmanuel Preparatory Academy, have been implemented since his arrival.   


In June of 2000 Emmanuel broke ground on a new facility.  In 2004, with 500 members, Emmanuel Marched into the New Sanctuary.  People gathered from all over to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  Since 2004, Emmanuel’s membership has increased to over 2000 members with more being added almost every Sunday!


During Pastor Webster’s 23 years as pastor, Emmanuel has implemented over 30 new ministries to meet the needs of the congregation as well as those people outside of the church.  Keeping in mind the scripture Acts 1:8 which states that you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”” Emmanuel now has a local, national, and worldwide reach in Sharing the Joy of Jesus. 


In the local sense, Pastor Webster has implemented an 8:00 am service to meet the demand of the growth in membership. He founded Emmanuel Preparatory Academy for infants through kindergarten, began a mentoring ministry for school aged children, and connected with Martin University and the NASA Sema Lab to expose students to science, engineering, mathematics, and aerospace technology. 

He also established his men’s spiritual boot camp 14 years ago for the men of the church. 


An outreach ministry was formed at 3036 Sherman for the people in the 46218 zip code. There the people are fed, clothed, and they receive the word of God. An annual Good Neighbor day is held where Emmanuel cuts grass, changes light bulbs, exterminates homes, and provides health and dental services. 


Mentoring programs and Boot Camps have been set up in school 99, Arlington High School,  Crispus Attucks High School, Tech High School and Putnamville Correctional Facility. 


In a national sense, Boot Camps have been established in New Jersey, Tampa Florida, ShrevePort Louisiana, Connecticut, and Texas. Boot Camp was featured at the National Baptist Convention of America in March 2018. 


TBN chose to spotlight the ministry of Emmanuel in multiple occasions. Bold TV held a national interview with Pastor Webster regarding incarcerated fathers. 


Also, Pastor Webster was featured on CSPAN to talk about Poverty and rebuilding communities


On the worldwide stage, Emmanuel is heard on over 1500 radio stations! We have presence in Ghana West Africa. In supporting our missionary Alex Boahmah. Emmanuel is heard on African radio stations. We support the people of Ghana through shipments of much needed supplies. 


Through our missionary John Balmer Emmanuel has a presence in 20 African countries, Nepal, And India. 


Emmanuel is making a tremendous mark in the earth for the Kingdom of God. We will continue to be Saved to Serve and Share the Joy of Jesus! Prayerfully, God will see us through the next 100 years and beyond! 


We have Come this far by faith! Leaning on the Lord! Trusting in His holy Word! He’s never failed us yet!