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Day Four Thankful Challenge

Thanking God in the Good & the Bad

"When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other." - Ecclesiastes 7:14

If we can share thankfulness in the good things, awesome. But if we want to make even more of an impression... share thankfulness in the hard things too. We can be thankful in the times the Lord has brought us to our knees in tears because they humbled us. We can be thankful in the health issues we’ve had from time to time because they show us our humanity. We can be thankful in dealing with disobedience in our children because it makes us take a good hard look at ourselves when the Lord reveals our own sin nature.

When opportunities arise in everyday conversation, when we are sharing life with others, talk about the One who gives us life. Say His name out loud for others to hear. If others hear us talk about the Lord outside of church-away from the Christian setting where we are "supposed to"- it may mean more. If we show others that we think enough of Jesus to give Him credit for our good days and trust Him to guide our steps in the hard things too, it may plant seeds that will grow in time.

  1. What hard times can you look back on and be thankful?

  2. What are some good things that have come from you being thankful during hard times?

  3. Please share your thoughts about God's goodness with others today. Remember God is still good during the rough moments in life!


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