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Mothers Devotional Day 2 - Hey Girl! What are you wearing today?

A popular question for most women who hang out with their friends is "hey girl what are you wearing?" This question is normally asked during planning an event such as a concert, party, dinner date, or church. If this question was asked to the mom in our verse today she would say strength is my dress in dignity is my purse! Growing up my mom did not have a lot of clothes but in my latter years I learned she would always put on the right clothes for every occasion. HOW ABOUT YOU? ---Pastor Darryl K. Webster

Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

She is ill clothed, who is bare of virtue.

"I want to be pretty." This is the title of a popular tv program that was airing in Poland. It was a reality tv show in which in every episode you follow the changes of two women who are the heroes of the program. Each of these women work with a team of specialists for six weeks. During that time they are cut off from contact with their friends and relatives as they undergo major changes in their physical appearance and also their self-image. Finally friends and family are invited to the studio where they meet them face to face with great drama.

There was a woman who said: "I was good looking all my life but I'm not able to accept how I look now....It's not about being older. But it's simply that I look different. Now I feel like an old used-up slipper. I'm ashamed of myself in front of my husband. This has gone on for nearly a year. How long can he stand it?"

Does our life and happiness depend on our appearance? I'm sure Gosia was happier after her transformation but is she a better person? Is she a better wife and mother? Does the change of appearance change our character and make us better people?

  • Is your life and happiness based on your outer appearance?

  • Are you wearing godly character and virtue everyday?

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