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Mothers Devotionals Day 3 - Moments that Mothers Cherish

Mary the mother of our Lord had so many memorable moments about her son from the announcement of his birth up until his last words on the cross. She had happy and sad memories. Today’s verse reflects on a memorable moment of the family traveling together. Luke is quick to point out that Mary was treasuring the moment.

I love talking to my now 90 year old mom. She will often reflect on memorable moments! For mom’s

birthday this year I picked her up at 7:30 am she received her first COVID-19 shot, but we spent the rest of the day shopping, riding around the city, and of course eating. I had know idea my mom would still be reflecting on that day. In fact, she said it was the best birthday ever! Today, if you have not created some good memories for your mom, by all means please start so when she thinks about your obedience it will bring joy. --- Pastor Webster

Luke 2:51 Then he went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. But his mother treasured all these things in her heart.

"The strongest lock in the world cannot keep love out of a mother's heart."

Mary pondered, not just on occasion or when a feeling of de ja vu swept over her, but often (Luke 2:19). She contemplated the shepherds, lowly and smelly and rough around the edges, who came and knelt before the baby who had been kicking inside her womb, even though she’d been a virgin. She pondered the angel who spoken to her and the message he brought, the quickening in her womb that was literally a diving experience, and even the miracle of his cousin John. She pondered the trek to Jerusalem and the ancient prophecies.

If you’ve had a baby, you know how it can all fly by in a blur of contractions, birthing pains, afterbirth pains, midnight nursings, and visitors. And yet Scripture clearly says she stored it all up in her heart. She wasn’t missing a single moment and each detail was being treated like a treasure. She cherished the words of Simeon and the joy of the old woman Anna. She didn’t get angry when she found Jesus teaching His elders in the Temple after a three day search and just move forward; no, even that she pondered and valued. She also questioned him, “Why?” (v. 48, 50). There’s that thoughtful leaning again. She listened, she questioned, and even in her lack of understanding she treasured the moment.

Do you look at the things your children do and think about them? Do you truly look at their hearts and their wonder and their frustrations and see what you need to see? Stop and think about things. Like Mary, think about ALL THE THINGS. Cherish the moments.

  • Are you thoughtful about the moments with your children?

  • What specific moments do you cherish regarding your children?

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