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Mothers Devotionals Day 8 - How to Treat a Woman

1 Timothy 5:2 Treat older women as you would your mother and treat younger women with all purity as you would your sister.

The Apostle Paul says that older women are to be treated as mothers, with the respect and honor due their age. A man must accept – and appreciate – some amount of mothering from some of the older women, and it is proper to give them honor as such. Mothers should be treated with dignity and respect.

In terms of younger women, they are to be treated as sisters. Timothy, as any godly man, was to always make certain his conduct towards younger women was always pure and above reproach. A godly man is not flirtatious or provocative and does not use witty words that can be taken in a flirtatious or provocative way. We live in a culture today where a lot of men view women, young and older, as a conquest or a notch in their belts. This should not be said of the godly man. The Apostle Paul clearly lays out how a women is to be treated. Men need to look out for and care for women as if they are his own mother and sister.

  • Do the men in your life treat you as a mother or a sister?

  • How many godly men do you have in your life?

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