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Think Through the Gospel of Matthew Day 7 - Worry Won't Change a Thing

A man was in a hurry to catch an airplane. He ran, huffing and puffing, down toward his gate. He passed a guy who was dressed in a pilot’s uniform. The guy said to the breathless man, “Where are you in a hurry to?” Oh, the man said, “I am late for my plane. I don’t want to miss my plane.” He proceeded to tell the guy what flight he was hurrying to. The uniformed man said, “Don’t be in a hurry, I am piloting that plane.” If the pilot is chilling, you chill too. Don’t stress yourself out about things unnecessarily. Wait on God and trust that if He’s taking His time, you can too.

  1. What are you worrying about that you need to give over to God?

  2. Is the current situation you are facing controllable or solvable? If not, why are you worrying?

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