There is a place for you!

Emmanuel has over 30 ministries! There is a place for you to serve and to be served.  Check out what we have to offer!

The Marriage Ministry

Bro. Terry & Sis. Tina Moncrief
We cater to married couples and those that are engaged!  Contact us at or

Children's Church

Min. Isaac Robinson
Children's Church Meets every 2nd and 3rd Sunday! for more info contact

Nursery/Childcare Ministry

Volunteers Needed!
Our Nursery Ministry caters to our children so that our parents can enjoy Sunday Service!  For more info contact

EMBC Men's Spiritual Boot Camp

Pastor Darryl K. Webster
Loving, Lifting, and Leading Men into Life Change!

Media Ministry 

Bro. Jaron Batteast
Volunteers Needed! Cameras, Sound, Presentation software and more! For more info contact Bro. Jaron Batteast at

Saints Advocating for Cancer

Sis. Dissree Greene
A ministry supporting those that have been diagnosed with cancer. For more info contact Sis. Dissree Greene at

Prayer Team

Sis. Dorothy Turner
A ministry to pray for the need of the church and its members.  Primary function is to pray for Pastor while he is preaching and to lead 6:30am prayer Mon-Fri on the prayer line at 267-807-9495 Access ID 181-134-529#. For more info contact Sis. Dorothy Turner at

Church Activity Committee

Sis. Emma Johnson
A ministry dedicated to organizing church activities such as programs, picnics, dinners, and more.  For more info contact Sis. Emma Johnson at

Security Ministry

Bro. Richard Gibson
A ministry that monitors the church and surrounding grounds to maintain safety and order. For more info contact Bro. Richard Gibson at

Senior Women Missionaries

Sis. Emma Johnson
A ministry for all women 36+ who are mission minded. Visit the sick, minister to the homeless, and more.  For more info contact Sis. Emma Johnson at


Bro. Terry Moncrief
A ministry to enlist and train men for the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For more info contact Bro. Terry Moncrief at

Christmas Group/Addictions Ministry

Bro. Thomas Johnson
A Ministry to help individuals burdened with any addiction.  For more info contact Bro. Thomas Johnson at

Male Chorus

Bro. Buford Johnson
A musical ministry of men who bring God glory though song.  For more info contact Bro. Buford Johnson at

Welcome Committee 

Sis. Brenda Truesdale
A ministry that provides warms greetings to members and visitors! For more info please contact Sis. Brenda Truesdale at

Health Ministry

Dr. Michael Davis
A holistic ministry that promotes physical wellness.  For more info contact Dr. Michael Davis at

Bereavement Ministry

Deacon Lee Atwater
A ministry to provide spiritual support, information, and comfort to those that are grieving.  For more info contact Deacon Lee Atwater at

Sisters 4 Sisters Ministry

Sis. Carolyn Betts
A ministry to ministers to all women of EMBC. For more info contact Sis. Carolyn Betts at

Usher Board

Bro. Tracy Smith
A ministry dedicated to greeting and seating members and visitors.  Ushers maintain order in the Sanctuary.  For more info contact Bro. Tracy Smith at

Youth Choir

Sis. Lataisha Dickerson
A musical ministry for youth up to age 16! For more info contact Sis. Lataisha Dickerson at

Womens Jail Ministry

Sis. Mia Mimms
A ministry that ministers to women in jail. For more info contact Sis. Mia Mimms at

EMBC Counselors 

Min. Charles Owensby
A ministry that provides spiritual help to new converts of EMBC.  For more info contact Min. Owensby at

Sanctuary Choir

Sis. Sibyl Webster
A ministry that sings praises to God though song.  Open to ages 18+.  For more info contact Sis. Rhonda Taylor at

Tracking 4 Christ

Sis. Yvonne Jones
A ministry that passes out tracts in the neighborhood.  For more info contact Sis. Yvonne Jones at 

LIT Youth Ministry

Min. Ryan Miller
The LIT Youth ministry caters to all youth of EMBC.  Lessons, activities, outings, and more! For more info contact Min. Ryan at